The first post! Hello!!!

Welcome to the first blog post of! In this post, I shall explain a bit more about the website, how I got into baking, and our plan going forward.

How I got into baking

Like most people who have ever entered a kitchen, I have tried my hand at baking before. A cake here, a pizza there, but that’s about it. The thought of baking breads at home — from scratch — always seemed far-fetched. My mind would race through the same doubts over and over again: it would require some exotic ingredients, what do I know about yeast, I’ll need some special training”, “but I don’t have the right equipment” and so on. How could it ever be possible?

The old proverb goes ”Necessity is the mother of invention”. Well, in my case it became the reason for learning how to bake breads at home. My younger son Divyam loves fresh breads and my elder son Priyam loves fresh pizzas. But “fresh” is hard to find.  And there was always a lurking doubt in my mind about the “30-minutes-or-less” pizzas, their ingredients, and cooking conditions. So I embarked upon the bread baking journey!

Why start a website

Veteran members know the humble beginnings of our community. It started with a single Whatsapp group, that was quickly populated at-capacity. More groups were created for new members, some in New Delhi, some in the cities I would visit. But we never had a central location for sharing thoughts. I think we all like the groups for sharing small moments immediately, but I wanted a more organized platform. A platform where I could share my experiences and have longer discussions with everyone.

I also wanted a place to store recipes for reference. Not just mine, but from all the wonderful bakers in our community, who are constantly sharing their new bakes and experiences on the groups. A secure place you can come back to, time-and-again, for a reliable baking experience.

What will you see here

Here I will share interesting incidents from my baking journey of the past 5 years, the highs and the lows, the thrills and the chills. But more importantly, I will make sure that each one who dreams of baking fresh breads and more is able to do so without much ado. This confidence comes from the fact that 5 years ago I was in the same boat and I have been able to introduce this world of baking to more than 600 friends, including school kids. For the past 5  years, I have seen these new, home bakers, regularly bake breads, pizzas, calzones, pies, quiches, focaccias, buns — the works — for their families and friends!

In my next post (on Friday) I shall introduce you to the ingredients needed for the wonder called ‘basic bread’ and from there we shall embark upon our wonderful baking odyssey. Beware, for you are now going to be hooked to baking breads, all your life!

Every Wednesday and Friday you will hear from me: some new recipes with details, some tips or tricks, some anecdotes from my journey. Step-by-Step like our primary-school teachers, we shall march ahead steadily on this trip and I will make sure that none of you ever ‘trip’. We will talk about flour, leavening agents, what to use for kneading breads besides water, use of fat, vegan breads, no knead breads, why knead yourself, use of kneading machine, choosing between ovens, long fermentation breads, slow fermentation breads, sourdough breads, types of breads from around the world including our country, why breads at home, why teach baking to children, why no additives, isn’t it boring to bake same loaf everyday, how to create your own recipes for breads, how to customize, seasonal breads with herbs, baking with friends, baking in a community … pheww!!

And of course, we shall talk at length about the most important of all ingredients: the YEAST. The types, their roles, their significance for bakers and what have you!

Every week on Monday, I will share a post from a “guest baker” from our groups with their bakes and experiences.

Credit where it’s due 🙂

To all who have made it to the end of this post (and will hopefully continue to support my new experiment), thank you! Thanks to all my baking friends! With your support we are here and now my mission is to enable everyone around us to bake healthy breads at home regularly. I want you to enjoy your homemade breads with soup, as sandwiches, as croutons, pita, pizza and more!

Finally, many thanks to Divyam, Priyam, and my husband Manu for creating this website and gifting it to me as a surprise on my birthday this year. All photo credits go to the ‘family photographer’ Manu!

38 thoughts on “The first post! Hello!!!

  1. Anjana Dube

    Lovely Renu.
    Great to have such an inspiring person.
    Look forward to your posts. Till then happy baking.

  2. Ranjini Kaushik

    Congratulations Renu! A thoughtful gift from your family! You have always inspired all of us to bake. Here’s wishing you loads of success! Really happy to be a part of this journey! Looking forward for more and more exciting recipes!

  3. Kavita

    My first bread guru … wonderful teacher always ready to help all those in need . Inspite of your busy schedule, you indulge in healthy baking not only for your family but for your extended family too. All the best Renu ma’am.💐👏🏻👏🏻😊 Will wait eagerly for your posts every Monday and Friday.😊

  4. Ameeta Saini

    All the best Renu on this extension of your journey. It cannot but be a success as you have the skill, the patience to turn absolute novices into confident bakers. May the aroma of your baking spread worldwide. Love and blessings.

  5. Smita Rawat

    Renu, my best wishes to you on your baking voyage and I hope to board your boat!
    To me not only your baking skills are remarkable but also the generosity with which you share your breads with friends and strangers! To me my covid experience is memorable also because of the sourdough bread you sent me, without really knowing me.
    And sharing your recipes so readily and warmly, makes you indeed an incredible person, someone I hope will accept me as a disciple! Looking forward to learning from you,
    Smita Rawat

  6. Lata Mishra

    Great start Renu.
    Will let you know the day I get converted to a ‘Baker’. Now I’m only a buyer. 😀

  7. Leena Nevrekar

    Hi Renu, heartiest congratulations & belated happy birthday.
    Pefect website, nice information shared, I am experiencing your guidance and encouragement for more than 3 years. All the best for your baking journey.

  8. Poonam Singh

    Simply wow…
    I am completely sold out Renu
    What a fulfilling hobby and how very lovely to share this inspiring journey.
    We are bread and scone loving family.
    Sour dough being our favorite !!
    Will be delighted to learn from you.
    Specially sour dough….looking forward to more recepies and truly inspiring am going to try too with your guidance.

  9. Monita sehgal

    Hello Renu ji ,
    I want to bake but keep finding myself restricted in some way or the other . This is going to be a wonderful website and will give much inspiration to many and mainly people like me . Thankyou so much .

  10. Vibhuti Baxi Parikh

    Hi Renu this is Vibhuti, Manu’s friend. You story is mind blowing and so inspiring. Keep following your passions and LIVING each moment of your amazing journey hereon too👌👍

  11. Komal Jogpal

    Awesome ! Such a great initiative to spread the idea of healthy baking to all in this way . Cheers ! 👍

  12. Namita Jain

    Eagerly waiting for the next post and to start the journey of bread making. Made some breads and buns last year during lockdown. Would like to improve on my skills.

  13. Poonam

    Amazing initiative Renu !!! Excited to get more inputs and valuable insights, tricks and tips on bread and baking.
    Great Going!!

  14. Nidhi

    Awesome Renu.You are such an inspiration.Looking forward to your posts on every Wednesdays and Fridays.All the best.

  15. Dr Manju Dominic

    Wonderful Renu… You are on an amazing journey.. let your enthusiasm spread just like your bread baking group.. Wishing you all the very best..

  16. Ritu Mathur

    Looking forward to start baking with you . Thanks Renu for your initiative . I am also fond of freshly baked breads but dont know how to bake .
    Will soon learn from you . 👍

  17. Anupama Singh

    Congratulations Renu and Big thanks to Divyam 🌸🌸Priyam 🌸🌸And your life partner 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  18. Manoj Chakravarty

    Renu, this is Manoj. Struggled to cross over from class VI to X in the then Central School , Gauhati while Manu was the topper. Will be troubling you both with my questions. Get ready😀. Great idea being put forward. Congratulations and best wishes. Get set to have a northeast opening soon. And yes plan a trip this side post the pandemic

  19. Shanan Jain

    Renu ma’am
    Your zeal for baking and your constant encouragement to fellow members to take up baking at home, is simply amazing and contagious! Once hooked to this whatsapp group, one can’t help but get sucked into the pure joy of baking. You have spread smiles and happiness in every member’s home.
    Wishing you more power and more smiles… Always!
    Love you
    Shanan Jain

  20. Nanda Tewari

    So proud of you my dear friend. This is an amazing gift from your family. And what a lovely baking journey you have had. Loved your post. Looking forward to reading, learning and exploring the world of baking via your website ❤️!!

  21. Sonal Bansal

    You have a very positive attitude towards everything which is visible in your recipes too. Always lend a helping hand to whomsoever is stuck in bread making process, whether it is temperature , hard crust or overfermentation of dough. Looking forward to your posts and try to hone these skills more. Thanks and grateful for giving confidence that ‘ANYONE CAN BAKE” .

  22. Deepali

    Awesome as always Renu!!! You continue to aspire, inspire and never tire. Happy baking Baking Guru!!! Loads of good wishes,may the tribe increase,,,👍👌😊

  23. Pallavi agarwal

    Congratulations Renu… lovely reading about you.
    Look forward to hearing more from you Renu and start the baker journey 😀

  24. renuamitabh Post author

    Thanks friends for reading my first post and words of encouragement!
    A word of advice to all new bakers: please do not wait to begin your bread baking journey. Just take the first step and our community will be right there guide you through the rest!!

  25. Vasudhara Srivastava

    Dear Renu, I love all varieties of bread, but always scouting bakeries , reading your journey till now is very interesting and inspires me to believe even I can do it😊 but I know it’s hardwork. And after tasting your bread it’s pure magic.. Thanks for sharing your story! Good luck will love to read the guest posts and all the tips.

  26. renuamitabh Post author

    Thanks fellow bakers for your kind words of encouragement!
    Thanks for joining our community of healthy bakers!
    We shall bake together and learn from each other’s experience and above all enjoy this beautiful journey!

  27. Loveleen Kaur

    Dear Renu Ma’am
    This is the most amazing gift from Manu Sir, Priyam & Divyam!
    You have been a source of inspiration & motivation to me when it comes to baking considering that i was the kind of person who never tried my hands in kitchen. You and your teachings have transformed me completely .
    Looking forward to more in this baking journey.
    Warm Regards

  28. Nishi Bardia

    After learning from u Renu… I also try my hands in baking… Although they are not as good as yours… But feel so happy…. Many more sessions r to be taken…

  29. Garima Sharma

    Wowww ma’am, you are a wonderful baker and such a pleasant and warm person! I’m going to be your student v soon now that I’ve bought an oven 🙂

  30. Abha kala

    Sorry for commenting late . I feel proud to be your friend for the last twenty – eight years . We waded through the troubled waters , crying and laughing at the same time . Always wanted you embark on tha journey which you love the most . I have been lazily enjoying your breads and cakes and…, whenever I visit your place . Best wishes and loads of love . I know a positive person like you can never be stopped by odds which come on your way . Will soon start learning the baking with your guidance . Kudos ! Love you !

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