Hello bread bakers and bread lovers!

Welcome to my website and my world of healthy baking!

This website is for all bread lovers : regular bakers, irregular bakers, advanced beginners and dummies 🙂 This place is especially for all those who love savouring fresh homemade breads but somehow think that it is impossible to bake one. 

Once you are on my website, you are here to stay, for HERE you will get to learn how to make healthy and wholesome breads for regular use without much fuss and without much effort. My recipes are simple, doable, minimalistic, quick and above all tried and tested by hundreds of new bakers on my several bread baking groups . The results are instant and so gratifying that you will get hooked to baking and the baking corner of your kitchen will become your favorite haunt!!

Here I shall also share experiences from my baking journey of 5 years: the highs and the lows, the thrills and the chills, but more importantly I shall make sure that everyone who has ever dreamt of baking fresh breads and much more is able to do so quickly and that too without much ado.

Together we shall bake, and spread the message of healthy baking far and wide!